Academic Work Showcase

Elliott Wheat

Games Programmer

A small collection of my academic work.

Final Year Project

Recent advantages in technologies have allowed for the ability to track positional and event data from a sporting match to be used by sporting professionals as a learning tool. The technology and software used to view that data has not advanced however, making the analysis of sporting matches seem primitive in comparison with teaching tools being used in other professions/fields. This project will address the current issues with the playback of football match analysis, the lack of perspective, by reconstructing a match between Argentina and Brazil from 2010 inside of a game engine using data provided by Stats. The ability to view the game from any player’s perspective, with the use of a VR HMD, will add information that is currently unavailable with current football match analysis software.

A small sample of the application in progress.

Unreal Engine 4

Orbis is a game I developed as part of a team for a university assignment using C++ in Unreal Engine 4. We were tasked with creating an Alpha Build of a game idea and with the team being big fans of the LEGO game series and recently seeing the canceled Mega Bloks Halo game, we decided to create a game based around these areas.



Gameplay Programmer: Character, Shooting, Menus, HUD, Collectables, Interactables, Shield and Grenades.


Material: Shield, Grenade Trajectory, Particle Effects and Interactables.

Gameplay of Orbis.

Creative Skillset

During my placement year at fish in a bottle, I was asked to do an interview for Creative Skillset about my roles at the company and any tips for students looking to work in the games industry.


Video Description: 'Elliott Wheat is a Junior Developer at fish in a bottle. Elliott talks us through his role and what a Junior Dev can be expected to do. This gives us an insight into his responsibilities and daily routines.'


Spitfire Pilot

This is the menu screen of a JavaScript game I created for coursework in the Interactive Media and Games Development module. I created this with 2 fellow students, Jamie Hulse and William Langley.


We wanted to create a retro style, vertical shooter which would be easy to pick up but hard to master. Considering we only had 2 months to come up with design, implementation and testing.


Click on the image to play the game.

C++ & SFML

Here is a screen shot of a game I created in C++ using the SFML graphics library. Having never used a library before, it was a great experience facing the challenge of learning new technologies in a short period of time.


We were asked to create a 'Breakout' clone, choose our own art style, code the game and write a report on each stage of the game loop.


I was given extra marks for adding sprite sheet animation, the addition of power-ups and controller support.

Here are some screenshots of a game I created in C++ using SFML. This was created as part of a project involving me as the lead programmer.


This is Spitfire Pilot 2, the sequel to the game I made in the first year of university. Spitfire Pilot 2 represents everything we wanted to add in the first game but was unable to due to limitations with Javascript and our ability at the time.



C++ & Hieroglyph

Here is a screenshot of a level demo created using C++ and Hieroglyph 3. I was tasked with creating 3D models for the scene, exporting them as FBX files and importing them using C++ into the 3D game.


Inside the application there are two cameras, a first person camera that allows you to look around the level and an arc ball camera which has the ability to change its 'look at' target and orbit around it. You can also change the lighting in the scene, change the texture, rotate the model and rotate the car automatically.



Other Projects

I participated in the Epic Games' Unreal Game Jam in September 2016 with the theme: "You Don't Know What You've Got Until Its Gone". Our interpretation of this theme was 'What would the world be like without empathy?' where you play as a rich businessman who has finished work and is on his way home. Throughout town there are people who you can interact with, some less fortunate than others. Will you help these people when they are in their time of need? Or only think of yourself and ignore everyone? Your choice. This was my first use of Unreal Engine 4 to create a shipped version of a game. I was the main programmer on the project and learned a lot about the use of source control and its integration into Unreal Engine.

I was a member of a team that participated in the LJMU Game Jam 2015. The theme for the jam was "Right game in the wrong place". The player controls a WWII solider placed in 3 wrong themed zones: Medieval, Space and Candy Land and is tasked with getting back to his own time using portals. These portals transport the solider into one of the different zones with each zone featuring unique: Enemies, Gravity, Boss Battles, Weapons/Ammunition and Original Soundtracks. Our team won: 'Best Level Design' and 'Most Hardcore Team' (For only having 5 hours sleep between us over the 48 hour period!). Our game can be found between 0m17s and 1m50s in the video to the left.