Professional Portfolio

Elliott Wheat

Games Programmer

A collection of projects I have had the pleasure of programming on.

Mobile Games

#1 in All Apps in US, UK, AU, DE and more

#1 Sports Game in 20 countries


Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as you can on your way up! Upgrade your gear to catch more fish and to dive deeper, make rare finds and discover new species!


Top 3 in Games in US, UK, AU, CA, FR, DE and 30 more

#1 Music Game in 140 countries

TIGA Awards Nominated Puzzle Game 2018


Take a trip through Looper – a joyous, melodious casual game that puts your sense of rhythm and timing to the test.


Every tap starts a colourful new beat that travels along increasingly complex constellations – get your timing wrong and the beats could crash and burn. Get it right, however, and experience the simple satisfaction of looping harmony.

Top 3 in Games in US, UK, AU, CA, FR, DE and 20 more

#1 Racing Game in 66 countries


Tap to turn right, release to turn left and drift your way to the finish line!


Skiddy Car’s one-tap drifting gameplay is simple to learn and filled with clever new challenges.


Complete the levels and unlock new tracks, new skins and an ever-growing supply of vehicles!


#1 in Games in US, UK, AU and 13 more

#1 in Action in 16 countries

#1 in Arcade in 13 countries


Hoop Smash is an incredibly fun and satisfying one tap arcade game! Tap to smash the floor with your ball and aim for the weak areas. The more hoops you break in one go, the more points you get!

SPILLZ is a hilarious and outrageously fun puzzle game!


Remove the piled up blocks to send your container crashing to the ground, but be careful not to move too quickly or risk spilling your balls!

Addictive and fun! A new twist on block-breaking, ball-bouncing puzzlers!


You’ve never played a block-breaking game like Ball Blast!


Fun, frantic and full of fast paced action, Ball Blast tasks you with destroying the slowly advancing blocks and circles before they reach your shooter!


Skidz is an exciting arcade racing game with a simple mechanic: tap to turn – follow the track and don’t hit the edge!


Play across hundreds of unique levels and unlock a huge range of weird and wacky vehicles!

Web Games & Experiences

During my placement year at fish in a bottle, I was a Junior developer on a number of HTML5 games. These games work across Desktop and mobile/tablet (Kindle, IOS and Android) and range in complexity from simple menu driven experiences (Jim's Celeb Blender) to converting flash applications to HTML5 (Peppa Pig The New House) and mobile only games with accelerometer controls and 360-degree virtual tours (Ai Weiwei 360).


These projects showcase my ability to learn new skills quickly and to a point where I feel comfortable working with them. An example of this is using web based frameworks 'KrPano' and 'CreateJS', something I had never worked with before. My ability to quickly learn and improve these skills allowed me to showcase them to the producers at fish in a a bottle who were impressed with what I presented, so much so I was often able to be the only developer on a project (while still reporting to a hands off lead).


The projects varied in length, from 2 weeks to 3 months and I worked on each project from pre-production to Gold Master. During my placement year, my ability in time management increased significantly allowing for realistic estimating of project timescales.

"Are Video Games Bad For You" was an interactive web experience for the BBC web platform, Taster. The experience consisted of 3 videos from the television show Panorama and 2 games. The user interface, structure/flow of the application and second game 'Brain Tracking' were programmed and developed by me. The game featured 2 different experiences, one tailored for desktop and one for mobile/tablet.


(The game is no longer available but the taster page can be viewed here)


Read Along Web Books

Working with Book Trust, we produced 2 HTML5 interactive read along books; "Oh No George" and "Theres a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea" featuring full mobile & desktop support. These story books had accompanying voice-overs from Eamonn Holmes and Angelica Bell with a BSL video version accessible from the menu. These books also featured sound effects and audio cues on user interaction. I was the only developer on the project with constant communication between me and a hands-off lead.


Mobile App QA

The first project I was involved in was QA for Viacom and their IP: "Blaze and the Monster Machines". Being able to work on a project from a QA standpoint allowed me to improve my skills in: reporting technical issues and bugs to the team, knowledge of bug tracking software (Jira and Mantis) and written and verbal communication skills.


Towards the end of my placement year, I was asked to QA again on a similar project for Viacom and their IP: "Shimmer and Shine". I feel the QA process on this mobile game was smoother because of my improved skills in QA related areas. These two projects were also the first games where my name featured in the credits, a very proud achievement for me.